Designed for Security & Privacy

SecurDS can keep your documents private. During the course of the document signing, you don’t have to upload your document to our servers. Your document remains private and confidential from us.

All SecurDS users identity is protected by one-time-password authentication provided by SecurPAP. One Time Password have been proven effective in combating password cracking, stealing, and phishing attacks. Never forget another password again.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Doesn't upload documents over the Internet for signing. No one but you and your recipients will ever see the contents of the signed document.

Data/Information Security

  • All data transmitted are encrypted using SSL. Login session is tracked and no duplicate login session allowed.
  • Your digital certificates are stored encrypted on the cloud inside a Secure Key Store.

One-Time-Password  Authentication

Uses SecurPAP to offer for strong authentication. One Time Password software tokens are available for iOS and Android phones on the AppStore and Google Play Store and are FREE for download.

Activities Logging for Audit Trial

Track and monitor all your signing activities online.
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