Signing Document

  • Sign document using your PKCS12 digital certificate stored on the server
  • Sign document using your own PKCS11 digital certificate on your USB device / HSM
  • Use the pre-generated signature image or create your own
  • Support PDF form filling
  • Support multiple signers per document
  • Support signing using signing page
  • Support password protected PDF


Viewing Document

  • Verify digital signature of the signed document
  • Viewing/examining of the digital certificate used for signing
  • Viewing of graphical signature


Digital Certificate Management

  • Upload your PKCS#12 digital certificate to the secure key store
  • Automatically generate SecurDS self-signed digital certificate
  • Viewing of your own Digital Certificate
  • Turn on/off OTP authentication upon document signing



  • Create or customize your own signature image
  • Setup the default folder and signed folder
  • Setup of HTTP proxy server
  • Create your own signature image


Audit Trail

  • Inquiry of document signing history
  • Inquiry of login/login activities


Security & Privacy

  • Signing without upload or disclosing your document to us, your document confidentiality can be maintained.
  • One-Time-Password User Authentication
  • Full AES256 SSL Security
  • PKI encrypted Secure key store for digital certificate storage
  • Auto logout when idle


Could based and Mobility

  • Backed by Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • PC and Mobile versions availability


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