Compare Digital Signing Solutions

Compared to other Digital Signing solutions
Place signature anywhere on the document
Place Signature
Multiple signers for a single document
Mulitple Signatures
Verify the integrity of signed documents
Verify Integrity
Cloud based service
(No on premise server required)
Cloud Based
Supports USB/U-Key (PKCS#11) certificates
PKCS#11 certificates
Keep Document Confidential
(No document upload to our server)
Keep Confidential
Use your own digital certificate*
Use Your Certificate*
Works with
Works with
- Windows
- Mobile/iPad
Arcot SignFort
CoSign Digital Signature
DocuSign Electronic Signature
Adobe EchoSign

* Other solutions which use the service provider's certificate for signing documents may have limited legal validity in some countries.

Arcot SignFort and the Arcot Logo are products and trademarks of CA Technologies
ARX CoSign and the CoSign Logo are products and trademarks of ARX
Adobe EchoSign and the Adobe EchoSign Logo are products and trademarks of Adobe
DocuSign Electronic Signature and the DocuSign Logo are products and trademarks of DocuSign

Comparison Completed in July 2013

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