Why SecurDS

SecurDS is cloud-based digital signing service, offering PKI based digital signing for electronic documents. SecurDS is an annual subscription based service. SecurDS does not send documents over the Internet for signing.

Digital signatures and certificates are unique for each individual, providing the user verifiable proof of the documents' signer identity.

Customers receiving digitally signed documents can enjoy the convenience of electronic copies with the confidence that the document will not be altered after submission.


Different from other online digital signing solutions which can only offer "notary like" digital signing, SecurDS users can sign document using their own digital certificates issued from a recognized Certificate Authority for your State/Country.

Digital Signed documents also have the benefit of non-repudation. Once your signature is applied to a document, any alterations afterwards will invalidate the signature before it.

Digitally Signed documents can be considered the same as manually signed documents in terms of legal validity for certain countries.

Mobility & Ease of Use

SecurDS clients runs on PC or mobile devices, including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • iPad / iPhone
  • Android
With your digital certificate securely stored on the cloud, you can access it to sign documents from any device.
One-Time Password

Similar to how banks protect your online identity, SecurDS uses SecurPAP, an on-line One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication service. OTP authentication has been proven effective in combating password cracking, stealing, and phishing attacks. This service is completely FREE for all users.

Industries that can benefit
  • Medical Practices
  • Financial Industries / Markets
  • Banking Services
  • Education / Higher Learning Institutes
  • Legal / Para-legal Services
  • Justice / Criminal Justice Departments
  • Professional Organizations
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