Why SecurPAP

The SecurDS makes use of SecurPAP as the Identity Provider to associate with your SecurDS account.

SecurPAP offers a One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication soultion to secure your SecurDS identity and access.

How it works


Benefits of using SecurPAP

Eliminate the weakness of traditional Static Password

Are you using one or two set of password for your online services? have you encountered some password policy makes you to remember a long and tedious password?

SecurPAP offers you a One-time-password solution. What you need is just remember your identity, other than that is to use your One-time-password obatined from SecurPAP OTP token to logon.


Different Types of One-Time Password Token to choose from

SecurPAP provides different types of OTP token including Windows Token, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Other than software token you may also apply a One-time-password Cue card, just print it out a slip it to your wallet. Just as Easy as that.


Enhance the level of non-repudiation for signed document

The One-time-password offers a two-factor authentication which indeed more secure than traditional static password. The One-time-password not only provide secure authentication but also protect your online stored certificate, prevents miss-used by others. With logon using One-time-password, we will more sure it is you.


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