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Functions and Features
 Functions and Features
Sign by certificates preloaded into Cloud (PKCS 12)
Use Online Certificate
Sign by certificates on local USB/U-key devices (PKCS 11)
Use Local Certificate
Insert graphical signatures into original PDF pages
Graphical Signature
Insert a signing page for graphical signatures
Signing Page
Supports PDF form filling
PDF form filling
View PDF files by external software/application
Ext. PDF Viewer
Keep audit trail of all the transactions on Cloud
Audit Trial
Search and view your signing log and archive
Activity Log Search
View digital certificates
View Certificate
View graphical signatures
View Signature
Upload digital certificates onto Cloud
Upload Certificate
Upload graphic signatures onto Cloud
Upload Signature
Manage signing preferences
Manage Preference
System Requirements
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
Windows XP SP2 or above
(IOS 4.3 or above)
iPad 1 - iPad Mini
IOS 4.3 or above
SecurDS for Android / iPhone
Android 2.3 or above / IOS 4.3 or above

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