Download and Install SecurDS Root Certificate

The Root Certificate is a trusted certificate used to validate your personal certificate issued by SecurDS. Without the Root Certificate, any documents signed by SecurDS-issued certificates will not be trusted.

Download SecurDS Root Certificate here. (MD5: a79e31b027c155a36034dce50a4b30c1)


Import and Trust the SecurDS Root Certificate in Windows

The following steps will guide you to import the SecurDS Root Certificate to your Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. After the certificate is imported correctly, the windows will therefore recognize and trust the certificates issued by SecurDS.

Headsup! You may skip the certificate import on windows if you have installed the SecurDS PC Client.
Important The following steps are described base on Windows 7 environment, the certificate installation on different Windows version may vary.

After downloading the SecurDS Root Certificate (SecurDS.cer), double click to open. A certificate dialog will display and indicate the SecurDS.cer is not yet trusted by the computer.
1 Click Install Certificate… to being the Certificate Installation.
A Certificate Import wizard shows, you may follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the certificate import
2 Click Next > to being the Certificate Installation.
3 Select Place all certificates in the following store and choose Trusted Root Certificate Authorities as the install destination.
4 Click Next > to continue.
5 Click Finish to complete the installation.
6 A Security Warning dialog will display, click Yes to confirm the certificate installation.
Finish Re-open the SecurDS.cer and now the certificate is recognize and trust by the computer.


Import and Trust the SecurDS Root Certificate in Adobe Reader

Adobe reader maintains its own trusted entries which is irrelevant form the operation system, therefore this operation is required if you want to verify documents which is signed by SecurDS issued certificate via Adobe Reader.

Important The following steps are described base Adobe Reader X, for different version of Adobe Reader/Adobe Professional the steps may vary.

1 Goto Edit->Protection->Manage Trusted Identities.
2 Click Add Contacts.
3 Click Browse to select the downloaded SecurDS.cer certificate. After the contact of SecurDS is loaded, select the SecurDS contact to display the corresponding certificate.
4 Select SecurDS in the Certificate List and click Trust ....
5 Check Use this certificate as a trusted root.
Optionally you may also check Certified Documents if you intented to trust the document certification.
6 Click OK.
7 Click Import to complete the operation.
Finish In the Certificates list of Manage Trusted Identities, there will be a SecurDS entry.
Verify When you open a signed document via Adobe Reader, the signing certificate path will be trusted and verified for any SecurDS issued certificates.

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